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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Love spending time with my husband

Cody and I are in Andrews at the Andrews Motor Inn waiting for Tommy to get off work.  I love my family so much.  We are still making it and want to keep making it.  We still have faith that things are going to be good and that we will not fail.

God had blessed us and we will not return to our old ways and mess up our life again.

We are by no means perfect, but we see the how the meth and other drugs are affecting other families and it just hurts my heart to see that.  The "meth monster" is what everyone is calling it in Abilene right now is winning and we have to kill it and the devil.  I am so blessed to know the difference.  

Cody and his Cotton Patch Chicken Fried Steak

At Buffalo Wild Wings with Cody

Cody eating wings and Buffalo Wild Wings

Freckles being a good boy

Tommy and I at my work.

Cody at the Zoo