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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Well, we start off with bad news, Smoke died. She was just too young and a stray, so there wasn't much I could do. So, I had to bury my son's cat. He really loved her. But, things happen for a reason.  We never know. Only God knows.

Now Jones is doing rather well. She is helping me write this post now. I had to let Freckles and Sister out, they were disruptive. Lol.

My dogs and cat are part of my family and they are like my children. My babies are loved. And spoiled. They are the sweetest creatures.

I don't know if I could have made it through my recovery with my Freckles.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Well, here goes another episode in our saga.  Man, we are trying to catch a break and really really doing good, but things just cannot fall into place yet.  God has something planned for us and we just have to trust him.  We have tried 3 transmissions in the truck and none worked, so now we have put it aside and now have a car that we are working on.  I really want to get back to work even though I lost my job due to the no car thing and now I am looking for a new one but it cannot happen until we get wheels under us.  I know God has his timing and I trust Him.  Now my husband on the other hand tries to rush things and wants to hurry and get tires and etc for the car.  We will do this as soon as we can.  I know.  I love that man with all my heart and I hope he knows it.  This stress is tearing him up and he sometimes doesn't feel like a man and it angers him.  I try to reassure him but mess it all up sometimes.  It is hard for me too and he sometimes doesn't see that.  I need him and pray that his court date gets put off once again so we can get money saved up to pay more on his probation and on his bonds.  I am hoping for a miracle and need prayers.  God is with us and we will get through this.

We have two new faces in the family.  We have two new cats and they are the coolest.  I am not a real fan of them, but they chase mice and I am OK with that.  Tommy loves cats and I love him, so that is all.



     I love my family more than anything and I am so proud of my husband and my children.  I am a proud wife and momma.  I pray for our family and what is going on around us and to keep everyone safe and happy.  Here is a pic of our youngest from last week:

So proud of my 14 year old!!

Things have gotten a little better since we are in recovery and will be working on this for the rest of our life.  We know we can do this and together we can beat it.

We are trying to be independent and don't like being dependent on other people to get a ride to town or to our appointments.  We thank God for the families around us and our friends and neighbors for their help.  Without them, we might still be lost and not be able to get back.  We want to thank everyone who has helped us along the way, family and friends.  (You know who you are).  God bless you all.