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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Life is just hard...

There is no good way around it, life is hard and just gets harder.  All is well and good when we are kids and don't know it yet.  I hate it that we don't realize it.  Now granted my childhood was not perfect, but I know I had it better than some or most.  My grandparents raised me and took me from an abusive home and tried to make a better life for me and my brother.  They loved us enough to step up and take care of business.  I have learned many valuable lessons from my grandparents and really know that I am blessed because of it.

My kids know right from wrong and they know that hard work will get you somewhere, but things just fell apart.  We have so many things going wrong, but trying to go right it is not funny.  We are trying to get our lives back but things just aren't working according to "my" plan evidently.  I thought I was trying to follow "God's" plan for us.  I am not sure what to do.  Right now I know we are not supposed to take a U-turn and go back to what road we were on.  I know our road is long, but we have to keep going. Please pray for us to keep going on our road to recovery.

There are several things that need to be said or done. I know I'm not perfect, but we need a break. I am praying and asking the Lord for help. All I need to do is keep being positive and praying. I love my family and I will do just about anything to keep them. I promise that I love God and I love my family.

God bless.