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Saturday, January 30, 2016

DPS Indigence Information

I did some research and found some web links that are to be very helpful to me:

I will be printing out the form and filling it out soon.  I really need to get this from over my head and move on and get my license back.  It is hard to do anything without a valid ID.  It really sucks when I cannot haul off scrap iron, pawn anything or even buy cigarettes at some stores.  And to get and ordinary picture ID, it takes the whole file cabinet.  You have to have your suspended or expired ID, 2 forms of bills from your household (with your name on them), a copy of my birth certificate, a copy of my marriage license, school transcripts and something else I can't remember.  Pppffffewww!!!  I just want a standard picture ID.  Well, that has taken a back seat until I can get this Indigent stuff out of the way.  Someday soon I will have my license and be legal.  But for now, I just side-seat drive.  LOL

Monday, January 25, 2016

Been a while. Really need to get these done.  I am so tired and really want to write and write.  Lord please help me get this up and going.
Ok, now I really need to get back into this.  I have been so busy chasing my own tail and trying to find a job and a place to live that I need to get our story out there.  I have been racking my brain trying to find a way to get our side of the story out to the public.  But, I cannot get too much of the story typed without interruption.  I just need to figure out a good way to get it rolling.  I need to also research about the indiginent hearings that I need to apply for.  I read something about it one day and shared it on Facebook.  I will look up the link and share it tomorrow and let everyone know what can be done for your traffic tickets and fines that the Texas people need to know about.  For now, have a great night and I will be back tomorrow.  :-)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Down and Out

We have never been this far down before. I am hoping we can get back from this. We have no job, no place to live. I am filling out appilcations left and right and applying for jobs all over central texas and trying to get some sort of housing for us. I just don't know what I am doing. I am sick and just feel like crap. Every morning I wake up to my eye matted shut and my left ear hurts so badly. What can I do? I feel like such an idiot. My husband is sick and has a toothache that is horrible. He is driving me crazy with the pain and I cannot help him. My mother-in-law is not helping trying to make us fight and drive us further apart and making me look bad at every turn. Why are we even here? She asked us to live with her to help or make us look bad? Idk. I am trying but at every turn there is an obstacle. I am tired of not being the way we were when we had jobs and a future. Now, I feel worthless and like I am nothing, an embarrassment. I feel like my child is embarrassed by me when I try too hard. I know he is embarrassed when has to defend me to his grandparents. What can I do? Guess I will call 211 and cry.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Panda Research

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Hunting for Deer meat

Ok, here it is last of the season and starving.  So, my husband and my son are hunting for a deer.  While I write this, they are tromping through the brush since there are only a few more days of the season left.  I hope they get one.  If not, we will have to find a way to get more groceries until our Food stamps come again.  That's right, we are also getting Welfare.  We said we would never do it, but we had to.  It has gotten so bad that my husband had to swallow his pride and let me apply.  It gets harder and harder each time we apply and it frustrates him because the are so demanding.  I tell the truth on my application, so that is why it makes it hard is what people tell me.  What!!!???  I thought that was what we are supposed to do.  Right??  I tell them the truth and get what I thought was helpful.  Well, come to find out, those people that do not tell the truth get double, even triple of what we get.  Damn!!  As enticing as it sounds, I think that what we get is fair and I do not want to be greedy.  

Well, guess what?  They got one!!!!  Cool, so now they are out there skinning the deer and we can either take it to the processor or do it ourselves.  Really want to do ourselves.  Well, gotta go find the meat grinder and get the supplies ready for our deer.  Gonna make chicken enchiladas tonight with homemade tortillas, so we will have deer tomorrow night.  Good day.   

Giving Up...

There are times I just don't know how we make it.  I just want to throw my hands up and walk away or ask God to take me home.  I mean REALLY home. I am not a weak-minded person and don't want to take my own life, but it is hard not to think along those lines when NOTHING, I mean NOTHING goes right for us.  It is getting really hard to stay positive about anything.  I am so down and have to keep putting that smile on my face and giving my husband and son pep-talks to be positive.  I just feel myself slipping into that dark place where I'm afraid I won't get out of.  It is affecting my health and our lives could be ruined.  I am now trying to start the business with crowdfunding and anything I can think of.  Please pray for my family.  I am going to keep trying to write and keep trying to start the business even though there are so many distractions and set backs.  Good day.