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Saturday, January 6, 2018

New Year

This is the perfect time to thank God for all our blessings. Thank you Lord.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Great Day...

Today has been a great day. I have been praying and just feel good about things. I am positive that things are going our way. We are going to get this water leak fixed soon and just keep livin'. I am in a very good mood. I miss my hubby, but got to talk with him a minute ago. He will be home tomorrow at 6. Love him so much. My attitude is much better today. No stress, less worrying. Prayer works. Love to spread the Word. Well, just wanted to share my good and positive day.  God bless...

Feeling positive...

Ok, gotta keep going. This is getting better for us. We are happy. This is the last weekend jail for Tommy. I'm so happy. I just wish I could talk to him or schedule a visit. Sux. But, he will be home soon. Then, he has permission from the landlord to fix the leak since the plumber said it was too difficult to fix. Either way, we have a plan and we know God is encouraging us to keep going. Cody is even being positive about all this. I'm glad we can come together and pray and talk about things. We are going to make it. I love these guys. We will not give up...

God bless.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Still swimming...

I'm at a loss right now. I have been trying to keep it together all day and I'm about to break. If it is not one thing it's 20. When are things gonna go my way again? I thought we were going in the right direction and doing good. I'm praising God for all of our blessings, I'm praying, I'm trying. What happened?  Our refrigerator went out, we had to get a new water meter, now we have a water leak and Tommy is not here to fix it. I'm lost here. I can't do all of this myself. Tommy is at weekend jail and I can't talk to him because the jail lost my phone deposit money. I can't schedule a time to see him because their website is retarded and I can't schedule one in person because it's too late. I'm pissed. I am praying amd trying not to lose it right now. I know God is with me. I just want to talk to my husband. He knows what to say to help me. Please pray we make it. I know other people have bigger problems. I know I can handle ours, one step at a time.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Yet again...

I'm so tired of haters. I pray she can find something to make her happy since I'm done letting her run over me. I will not respond to her hateful, name calling, insulting texts.  It is really affecting my attitude but God will sort it all out. I have faith that she will figure out that I don't have to play her game.

God bless.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Better days ahead...

Well, turns out Cody had a good day after all the fiasco yesterday morning. I was extremely worried.  But, as usual, our boy bounced back and conquered.  Hallelujah!! 

Cody says he will end up liking this bigger, different school. I hope.

I pray that he can make friends and keep the drama low in his group of friends. Here lately, there is drama everywhere. 

Well, I guess that person who wants to kill me is biding their time. She keeps texting me and taunting me to let me know she is either going to whoop my ass ads or kill me. I just have to ignore all the horrific texts and name calling. I will not plat her game and respond.  I get very angry and it makes me sad that someone can be so hateful to me. I knew she was like this, but this is so very wrong. I knew how she could be to others since I have witnessed it to people I don't know and even Tommy's and my family. I should have been prepared for the nasty, horrible person that I saw yesterday. I will not be around this person nor let my son be around her. She only sets a bad example each time we see her and she will not take it out on us. I'm not perfect by any means, but I only did what my husband told me to do and that is it. I will not let her run over me. I was so sick yesterday from her words. Tommy said not to let it bother me and that she does it on purpose and that she was wrong in everything she was saying. If she had been nice from the beginning and not insulted me for the last 2 weeks prior to us moving,  she would not have had to clean the house we moved out of. I would have done it properly when I had the time.  She does not care that I have responsibilities that I have also. It does not all revolve around her and that is where she got mad that I did not bow down to her and jump when she thought I needed to. I ain't nobody's bitch and she now knows it. I have bent over backwards for her also and have done numerous things for her. I know she helped us out, but she don't have to throw it in my face constantly.  That is what makes me the maddest.  I will not understand why someone says they want to help, but when you ask for help or they actually do help that they look down on us and treat us like shit. She ain't any better than me or should I say she isn't any better than me. She should not try to think she is perfect. I know better and have  caught her in too many lies. It's disgraceful the way she lies about her husband and to her husband. I will not be a part of that.

Well, there I went into a rant again. I am just trying to talk it out and get it off my chest. I'm hopefully going to get this all behind us.

I'm praying it all blows over.

God bless.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Cody's first day of High School ruined

So upset. Cody's first day of high school is ruined by a person who tried to bully me around and threaten me. She won't threaten my husband to his face but threaten to send him to prison to me to torture me. She has threatened me for the last time with her LIES. I'M TIRED OF HEARING GET LIES!! That is all that comes out of her mouth. She threatened to kill me today. All her nasty voicemails and horrific texts will make a good laugh when it is over but right now I'm sick. I am just tired of people running over me and thinking they are better than me. She needs to stop and realize the situation before she opens her mouth. And to call me a lazy day bitch is uncalled for. Man, I wian she would take a gander in the mirror. It may show her the truth. I know that people who are unhappy try very hard to make others unhappy to make them feel better. I have been praying for her, my husband, my son and for myself to keep calm and let this blow over. I will not be talked to like that. She will continue to be hung up on and her texts ignored if she continues to act that way. I will not let her talk to me or my family like that. I'm done with this devil of a person. There is no forgiveness unless God Himself has me forgive this person. My husband is standing behind me 100 percent and I am standing behind him the same. I don'tknow why people have to lie and threaten people. It makes me sick. It literally makes me sick. My blood pressure is way high right now and I have a massive headache and I want to throw up. This has got to stop. I am done with this person even though they are my husband's family. He has had told me that after today we will not have anything to do with her since she has threatened our family. I am ranting out my frustrations since she ruined my son's first day. She threatened to come up there to the school to assault me and kill me. I swear. I pray that she can live with her actions. I pray for all in this situation and pray noone is hurt more than they are now.  We can survive this. God is in our side. God bless.