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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ya can't keep us down. We will rise. And with all the setbacks, we have even more determination. Each time we get knocked down is a new way to prove how strong we are...

Anyways, I am Blogging today instead of doing my late homework. It'll all get done today. I'm gonna hip on it right after taking care of my sick kid, the laundry, the dishes, cleaning up the yard (again) & etc.

I wish I had more help. I'm really tired of the laziness. It seems like I'm the only one who cares. My husband doesn't get to stay home all the time since some idiot, yes we know who you are, keeps turning him in. We have to suffer apart a lot due to their stupidity. But, enough on that. Back to what I was saying. My husband would help if he didn't work all the time or can't be here. My son tries to help when he's not going to school or football. Our middle son who is 18, doesn't do much AT ALL. We are getting a little tired of his overall not do a damn thing.  He needs to wake up. He's gotta at least try.

With that being said, he's also gotta get that giant chip off his shoulder and quit getting butthurt at everything we say. And I do mean everything. When we try to teach him or even advise him, he gets defensive and there is no talking to him whatsoever. He immediately goes to his room, get on his phone and calls or texts someone he can cry to to tell them how bad we mistreat him. Poor Baby!!  It's tough being an adult. Ya ought to be in mine and your Daddy's shoes. Then you might see what it is like.

Don't get me wrong, we love all our kids and want what's best for them. We just aren't going to just give it to them.  They need to understand the value of themselves and to apply themselves.  It's only right.

We can't let them think life is easy. It's not all fun and games either. We pray for all of our families and hold them dear to our hearts and we want to see the best for them.

God bless.