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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Back to college I go...

Well, I have gone and done it. I am now attending college. I will be 41 years old tomorrow and now I will begin this new chapter on July 3rd online at Colorado Technical College. Thanks to my husband's nudging and support, I just picked one and got accepted and here we go. Almost done with the financial paperwork and will begin my fast tracks tomorrow to save me $1300 a class if I can pass them all. I'm going to do the best I can and continue to apply for grants & scholarships. I'm determined to complete and graduate. I will and thanks to Tommy and Cody for encouraging me and keeping me going. Love them. Thanks to Stephen too, who by the way flies out to Job Corps tomorrow to Montana and will begin his college education. We are so proud and we could not be happier for him. I still want to stow away in his suitcase and go to Montana too. Lol. Maybe we will get to go up there for his graduation. The Lord is blessing us. Thank you Jesus.
Ya know, lots of things go unsaid. Sometimes it is a waste of breath to even say anything. Sometimes, it's worth it to get what is needed. Now, who has time to analyze anymore. I am slipping away from that and really want to get back to conversations. It makes it more difficult these days to even discuss anything. Besides not feeling that I have enough time to get my point across, to getting interrupted, I am just too damn tired to even discuss, let alone, let MY feelings be known. So what do I do?  I guess I just keep praying that things will get better. I have been very patient. 

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