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Friday, December 9, 2016

Evicted before Christmas...

Well, once again we have been given bad news. So tired of bad news. We've (my son & I) been having to live away from my husband because of probation rules, so now we will be reunited but by being evicted. The worst part is it is right before Christmas. It's so disappointing for my son. He just put up our tree and finished decorating it when our landlord knocked on the door giving us the bad news. But, God has a plan and I have to have faith it will work out. I am leaving Brookesmith today for Abilene, but have chosen to let my son stay longer, at least until Christmas break to keep working on getting his grades up and saying goodbye to his friends. He will be staying with friends and hope he can get his grades back up. He is almost there now and don't want to make it worse. He is a good kid  and is so smart. I love that boy with all my heart and his dad. I love Tommy's other 3 kiddos too even though two of them hate me. Everyone keeps saying they will come around and I pray that's true. 
Well, me and the dog are waiting on our ride. I can't wait to see my husband. At least I get to take my dog. Freckles is my baby. Cody gets to keep his dog with him, Sister. I just hope we can find our cat since she was lost last night. Jones is our cat but I don't know where she's at. The boys were too rowdy moving her and she took off. I hope Cody can find her. 
This just sucks right here at Christmas time. I know the Lord is with us and I have faith it will be alright. That's all for now. More later. God bless.